Brain Body Bliss is the perfect description of the heights that Nature has originally programmed us to achieve. But we forgot this and sought Joy outside of ourselves. With a mini brain, an emotional center, and feel-good opiates in EVERY cell of our body, it is critical to treat equally the mind, emotions, and physical structure to achieve our full potential of health.


Acupuncture for Back Pain II



Headaches are a signal for problems deeper in the system.
How to Alleviate Anxiety & Depression

Sleep & Adrenal Support

For deeper refreshing sleep and supporting the adrenal hormone connection, a simple number of sprays [3 to 6] before bed or when awakened during the night. $30. plus shipping & tax.

$30. plus tax & shipping

Humic Fulvic Complex

Humic Fulvic Complex Earth’s natural product to help stop the replication of any kind of virus and harmful bacteria. Pristine trace minerals to strengthen the system.

$40. capsules/ 2 for $70. $60. large loose powder [plus tax & shipping]

Stress Release MP3

An audio recording to help relax and release the body’s natural feel-good opiates to help reestablish our baseline & birthright of optimal wellbeing. Morning & evening messages to follow, with practical suggestions for staying in harmony.

Double CDs or Double Mp3 $14. or 2 for $25. [plus tax & shipping] Same for Veterans’ version .

“Nature designed us to feel good so that we can function as effective citizens of the planet, of the universe.”

– Kathleen Rosenblatt

Earth Harmony Foundation

A 15 year ongoing non-profit group that supports the education of children through art and music. Eleven years ago, I launched a food distribution program for underprivileged groups and Veterans PTSD Stress Relief. We love support from the community.

IONS The Institute of Noetic Science

IONS is an international organization with a 120 acre campus in Sonoma Valley. IONS LA holds monthly events where speakers connect science with spirituality, physics with metaphysics. Our consciousness cruises have taken us to Alaska and the Mexican Riviera. Join us! [email protected]

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