Cellular Meditation for Stress Release CDs I & II
written & narrated by Dr. Kathleen Rosenblatt L.Ac., Ph.D.
In a simple direct way, the CDs open up the interface between physical, mental, and emotional energies, and how the health of each is dependent on the other in a physiological way. Dr. Kathleen emphasizes the important role of endorphins, our “natural high” hormones produced in the physical body—how we have a hundred endorphin receptor sites in each of our 10 trillion cells.

Cellular Meditation CDs Double CDs Vols. I & II $15.00, or 2 sets for $25 [Civilian or Veterans]

Stress Relief Mp3s
2 double Stress Relief Mp3s $25.00 USD or 3 double Stress Relief $35.00 USD
Stress Relief Mp3s

With a variety of musical backgrounds and a soothing voice, Dr. Kathleen speaks to and through the listener, in his/her first-person voice. The aim of the message is to undo the tight constriction of our nerve & muscle tissue in order to feel the delicious airy, liquidy sensation of our ongoing inner, vibrating cellular processes. Like the “buzz” that some people seek from liquor or drugs, this natural ‘”buzz” is healthy, natural, and feels great!


The Cellular Meditation double CDs each include two morning and two evening meditations. In them, Dr. Rosenblatt takes the difficulty out of meditation. She shares simple methods to activate chemicals & energy systems via nerves and hormones in order to empower the individual’s
— emotional center
— cognitive brain
— attention and will.

Each segment contains:
—Simple ways to feel immediate endorphin response.
—Practical applications for harnessing our capacity for joy.
—Ways to focus attention and reprogram negative patterns in order to achieve emotional readjustment.
—Physical exercises to reroute the negative tensions that collect in the solar plexus.
The evening segments are aimed at:
— Preparing for the night cycle: to recharge all our cylinders during the night.
— Helping to achieve restorative sleep.

Civilan & Vets both


Kathleen was extremely motivated to apply these techniques to our active and veteran armed forces, so she made a special version with additional material to address the military experience. This is designed to help them undo the effects of war on their bodies and minds. This is a special case situation that needs much support. These CDs are designed to complement all other ongoing therapies. Practical advice, guided imagery & breath work to help normalize our biochemistry and reintegrate the layers of our consciousness, with innovative self-help exercises to improve focus and well being.

Testimonial blurbs on the back cover: Psychiatrist William J Kearney, Bay Area vets: “These CDs are wonderful–a great asset for returning soldiers to use in their reentry into this world. The presence of your voice and music was therapeutic in itself before you even start with the content!”

Paula Griffin, www.Soldiersheart.net, Troy, N.Y.: “These are excellent and would be a wonderful gift to vets who attend our healing retreats.”

Double CDs Vols. I & II $15.00 or 2 sets for $25 [Civilian or Veterans]

Excerpt from Morning Meditation:

“I know that this is the opening moments of my day. I breathe deeply, holding my breath for a few extra seconds, until it just begins to feel uncomfortable. Then I blow out my breath, feeling the exhilaration of my breathing. I breathe again, feeling the air fill up my lungs and my abdomen.

If I feel any anxious feelings in my chest or my abdomen, I breathe even deeper. In fact, I blow the breath out as hard as I can. I even shake my arms and hands to dispel any negative energy that grabs me by the middle.

Often when I wake up in the morning, my brain is already buzzing with busy thoughts, thinking of the agenda of the coming day. Or dealing with bad memories and images. Lots of energy in my forebrain and in my eyes. Now with my eyes closed, I watch the patterns change on the inside of my eyelids—especially as I breathe deeply.
Patterns of brain waves that are swirling and slowing down as my brainwaves slow down from the faster Beta wave of my thinking, chatting brain—slowing down to a relaxed, calm Alpha wave. This is the wave that the trees and plants experience so now I can be in sync with nature around me. I breathe and feel the natural high of the Alpha wave.

I see that the busy thoughts that attracted all my energy into my forehead and my eyes, are now slowing down. So that I can let go of all this forebrain activity. I continue my luxurious breathing, feeling more and more relaxed as I surrender to this Wave.

I feel the energy spreading through my body and immediately feel the endorphins releasing and plugging into the receptor sites that are in every cell of my body. These natural opiates are the God-given gift of my body—the happy chemicals that were always meant to govern my emotional life and provide a baseline of wellbeing. What should be my natural state most of the time.
So I give over to this wave of relaxation that is spreading with each breath. I remember that respiration means “Respiriting” so I realize that I am directing Spirit to penetrate every cell of my body. Inspiration.

My ordinary automatic breath will keep me alive but this higher octane breath will nurture more than my lungs. It will feed me with a higher vibrational energy. Because my mind, my attention is blending with this incoming oxygen, I watch my breath and I feel it spread wider and deeper.

My body feels electrified and alive. My breath has oxygenated my blood stream. I can feel my heart beat. The pulsation of my life. Of my lifeline. I am very silent so that the pulsation of my body can be felt. I feel the joy of being alive.

I can feel a certain “buzz” in my body—my nerves tingling. My lymph moving through my cells. I understand that when my endorphins are activated my whole immune system functions better.

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