Dr. Kathleen Rosenblatt has long worked on a synthesis of Eastern and Western approaches to aging and longevity. She has seen how acupuncture can help reverse the aging process. Many chronic age-related disorders, such as coronary heart disease, degenerative joint disease, neurological disorders, and ARCD— age-related cognitive decline (mind impairment) can be reversed or slowed down. What if you could undo the underlying syndromes that precede these disorders? What if you could learn to recognize the real biological markers of age—even before the lines and wrinkles occur?

As a result of the disenchantment with the conventional techno-medicine of today, many people are turning indiscriminately toward anything ancient and alternative. Believing that old is better and foreign is better, they are blindly reaching for every magic elixir, totally ignorant of the ingredients and of what might be appropriate for them. Many people ask: Should I focus on stress reduction, mindfulness meditation or biofeedback? Should I follow a high protein diet or low fat? Should I eat a preponderance of raw fruits and vegetables or should I listen to the Chinese who say that these foods may be “too cold” for my system? Should I lift weights or do aerobics? Should I follow a cardiovascular workout program or do Tai Chi Chuan?

Even with discipline and moderation, can anything really alter our own genetic rate of aging? People are overwhelmed by the conflicting information out on the subject. What works and what is dangerous? Actually, aging is simply a temporary imbalance that becomes chronic and more noticeable as time goes by. All aging is premature: the result of excess eating and/or poor nutrition, poor coping mechanisms, insufficient exercise, environmental factors, and of course, genetics. The breakthrough news is that we can influence the actual outcome of our genetic make-up.

The Acupuncture energy pathways are what activate organ systems and keep them balanced and revitalized. Finer measurements show the laser-like meridian pathways through which this bio-electric current flows. Acupuncture can manipulate the body’s electrical conduits. By inserting a needle into the point on a conduit connected to a particular organ, the energy of that point is either stimulated or sedated and this in turn affects the organ. This system of wiring acts as an interface between the simple molecular activity of the body and its complex organ systems.

Dr. Rosenblatt draws upon material from across the boundaries of centuries and cultures. She has transposed both ancient texts and the latest technical data into clear and practical applications for the lay person, with simple tips for exercise and nutrition. She also draws material from her recently published book, Rene Daumal, The Life and Work of a Mystic Guide. This book contains material from centuries of Hindu philosophy and from the best spiritual guides of the twentieth century. From these many sources, she has brought together the best mind-body knowledge and taken the difficulty out of meditation. The patient can visualize the workings of the pleasurable mental and emotional centers that exist throughout the body, thus increasing his/her ability to instantly stimulate this endorphin network. Dr. Rosenblatt inspires us to enrich our self knowledge and nurture our physical body/mind.