Given the challenging times that we are living in, Dr. Kathleen has expanded her ongoing Zoom/Phone Consultations and Treatments for patients who hesitate to come to her office. Trained in Hypnotherapy, she addresses mental and emotional issues with something similar but even more powerful than Hypnotherapy. Dr. Kathleen helps to activate the internal dialogue of the 70 trillion cells in the body, each with its own emotional center and intelligent brain. She has helped to bring many afflicted sufferers back from the brink.

Likewise, Dr. Kathleen can treat physical bodily issues distally with powerful magnets that she provides by mail to the patient. The brain pays particular attention to the hand which is hugely represented in the sensory part of the brain. Points on the hand refer to organs and articulations of the body. Dr. Kathleen can direct the patient to apply magnets to areas on the hand for relief of the problem and regeneration of the tissue.

In 2015, Dr. Kathleen and a team of Acupuncturists conducted two week-long seminars for doctors in Nicaragua to teach Magnet Therapy to the medical doctors and chiropractors. She assisted Dr. Stephen Stiteler in teaching a Magnet Therapy Seminar in Orlando, Florida in 2016.