As an acupuncturist and a doctor of Oriental Medicine, I treat many patients looking for more sexual responsiveness, both male and female. This complaint even comes from young people who report feeling blocked, and is usually accompanied by other physical disorders as well. Ancient and modern Chinese formulas exist to stimulate and balance the sexual response because this natural activity was considered therapeutic at any age. Healthy sex was the signature of a healthy body. But what if we are too tired out?

I am happy to report that this sexual burn-out is reversible. As we all know by now, this condition is the accumulated short circuiting of both our mind and body. So we need to address the interface between our physical, mental, and emotional energies, and learn how the health of each is dependent on the other physiologically. Once we re-stimulate the endorphins, the natural high hormones, they plug into the receptor sites in every cell of the body and facilitate the optimum functioning of all systems—because the body functions best when the body/mind is overall HAPPY. The best example of this is how we easily get ill when we are traumatized.
What do we seek to achieve?
1) A relaxed balance that can foster an energized state of arousal.
2) The ability of the body to let go and achieve one or multiple orgasms.
3) Reinvigorating our bodies to feel strong, lithe, and attractive to the opposite sex. This usually involves a tuning up and balancing of the internal systems, and a cleaning out of the channels.

So why is it that we don’t bring more JOY to the bedroom, or even achieve enough joy from being in it? Are there reasons still unknown to us? One answer is that, although we’ve benefited from the sexual revolution, we still have inherited some negative physical and mental programming of our parents and ancestors. Now with the stress of cities and the cyber world, we add a new layer to it. Yet it is possible to heal genetic, ancestral, emotional trauma—the psychic pain that we have inherited from generations of war and domination, famines, witch hunts, repression, and stultifying Victorian social conventions.

For instance, they say that anyone from northern Europe is either descended from a woman burned at the stake or from someone who did the burning! Several German towns had no women left. Or, we’re descended from the other passive females who stayed home and out of trouble—who were not herbalists, midwives, or movers and shakers in any way. So whether it was the effect of potato famines or pogroms, we still carry the emotional scars of our forefathers– in the DNA of our mitochondria. The good news is that this DNA, in contrast to the DNA in the nuclei, is accessible and re-programmable. This fact represents a huge breakthrough in our understanding of the alterability of our genetic make-up. (Luckily to our advantage, we also carry the DNA from an earlier era when our ancestors weren’t so uptight and built open cities, not fortresses— when women were free spirited, and when sharing, not domination, was the order of the day. I would like to believe that a revival of that paradigm will return after this endless warrior culture self destructs!) So let’s delve deep and find that in us!

Back to sex: A sexual body is a happy body. Trigger point combinations have been discovered for opening up frozen chakras–the energy vortexes down the middle –stimulating the bio-electrical frequencies that can “teach” traumatized cells how to unlearn such dysfunctional behavior as fear, demoralization, inflammation, toxicity, and general systems blockage. The whole aging process!