I received an acupuncture treatment from Kathleen last Friday. I came to her with a chronic horrible sinus infection and pain and stiffness in my neck. She relieved both in one session, adding specific natural antibiotics that do the trick without all the problems associated with prescription drugs. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kathleen. She is multi-talented in the methods she uses. Rather than just treat my symptoms, she intuited exactly what was needed to get to the root of the problem. I’ve been to many acupuncturists, but she’s the best. And I’ve lived a while. I feel so great and look forward to another session. Elissa Kerhulas 323-363-4935 www.whatworksfitness.com


2013 Since I was 77 years old, I did not expect miracles from acupuncture, but in my very first treatment with Dr. Kathleen, I got one! I had immediate relief from longstanding, severe neuropathy in my feet. When I got off the treatment table I exclaimed: “I can feel the carpet! I can feel the carpet!” Pain was gone and feeling was back! During that week the arthritic pain in my hips steadily declined and eventually went away after a few more treatments along with the pain in my knees. I had full mobility without pain, with only some stiffness when sitting too long.

Dr. Rosenblatt also cleared up another longstanding issue: irritable bowel syndrome. Next was my 15 year long allergic rhinitis nasal infection. I had had many rounds of antibiotics but it had never gone away. Kathleen supplied me with the Chinese equivalent of an antibiotic. At first nothing happened but after three weeks, I finally woke up one morning with my nose clear, with little drainage or sneezing. A week later I could suddenly taste and smell after years of blockage.

Close to Spirit ProductionsNorthridge CA • She saved my life when I had pneumonia and Drs had no antiboitics to treat the strain. I will forever be grateful!

I found that Dr. Rosenblatt really knows what works for every part of the body. This was all accomplished in exactly 12 treatments: Hips, knees, feet, intestines, and nose/throat. I am so improved from when I first went to her and at my age it is really wonderful.

I am so grateful!

Nancy Simpson

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2012  After suffering for many years with migraines and sciatica pain, I finally found relief in the gifted hands of my acupuncturist, Kathleen Rosenblatt. I had tried acupuncture 20 years ago when my back pain started but I found it too painful and after 3 times I had no positive results or relief. When a friend suggested I see his acupuncturist for pain management I had many reservations but decided: what did I have to lose?

To my utter amazement, my mind, body and spirit reaped many rewards. On my first visit, I soon discovered that the diverse ways in which Kathleen treats her patients leaves them feeling naturally high. She specializes in stimulating the endorphin receptors in every cell of the body. I sat in my car for a while stunned that I was free of pain and feeling so giddy.

In the past, even narcotics didn’t always relieve the pain. Often I went to the emergency room for a morphine drip to stop the jackhammer pounding in my head. Now they are much less frequent and much less severe. She utilized various pleasant instruments like massager, electro-stim that tingles the painful areas and then she perfectly sedates the trigger migraines. When I was hit by one, I went to her and, within one hour, my migraine was gone. And she continues to address the cause of the migraines.

I so look forward to my weekly visits, for my body has an incredible reaction to her diverse techniques; it’s like a spa for your body AND mind, which makes it so enjoyable!

With much sincerity,

Dori Boudreau

Studio City

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2006 In 1995 I first saw Kathleen Rosenblatt for severe chronic back pain, five years after I’d had two extensive spinal surgeries in the neck and lower back. My job involved lifting heavy objects.) When I arrived at the Redlands Acupuncture Clinic where she worked then, I was using a walker and taking eight Vicodin and numerous Advils daily. Even with that, it was agony to sit or maneuver onto the treatment table. But after two treatments I was virtually without pain.

I returned regularly to reinforce this new status and continued to improve in my flexibility and maneuverability. Finally I was able to wean myself off of any further treatment. This change was so fast and miraculous, I sent five members of my family to her. My brother Ron continues to drive from Ventura to Los Angeles to get periodic maintenance treatments, even though there are plenty of acupuncturists in Ventura. He recognizes her particular ability to transform difficult conditions. I highly recommend her services.

Laurence Boutain

Riverside County

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2010 Kathleen has a particular interest in helping people detoxify from cigarettes or other poisons. At her Santa Barbara clinic in the 1980s, she and her partner cured two firemen of smoking. Soon the entire department was weaned off cigarettes painlessly and easily. When I went to her, I expected a rough time because I was a classic “addictive personality”. I’d been through AA, Eaters Anonymous, Drug Rehab, everything.

But with Kathleen it took ONE TREATMENT. After that single relaxing, pleasurable session which included massage, and deep, almost hypnotic suggestion and ‘well-being reinforcement’, I COULD NOT REMEMBER WHAT IT FELTLIKE TO WANT A CIGARETTE! Believe me, this blew my mind. She has a great program to ease you through it. Most people need three to five treatments. Most acupuncturists only treat that condition by itself, but Kathleen always tunes up the body in general and addresses any other pain issue or imbalances.

Not a bad deal! Pamela Chapelle

Redlands, Ca.

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Dear Kathleen,

I wanted to thank you for your treatments for my back and most of all, for balancing my female HORMONES! I didn’t think such an undertaking was possible with acupuncture. I can’t tell you how much my interest in sex has risen, and especially my orgasm potential. And I can see a difference in my skin and hair that I think is a symptom of increased estrogen in my body. Yet I have not increased my intake in any way.

Yes, you had mentioned that you have worked extensively with women’s health and even “gotten quite a few women pregnant” by re-establishing monthly periods, eradicating endometriosis, stimulating fertility, and making other adjustments. It amazes me to see how deep acupuncture can go! I had thought it was just for pain.

I would love for you to be a speaker at my women’s group.

I am a very happy camper and my husband thanks you too!!

Marigold Hill