Acupuncture for Back Pain II

The neat thing about treating low back pain with Acupuncture is that it benefits the body in many more ways than just alleviating pain. The adrenals, the power pack of the hormone system, are ‘ad-renals as they sit on top of the kidneys, and together these joined organs ‘govern’ the back, according to Chinese Medicine theory. So when the adrenals become run down from stress and agitation, they directly affect the nerves of the back, making it susceptible to stiffness and pain. This explains how so many people suddenly throw their back out with no exertion or instigation.

The low back is a vulnerable spot where our two bendable upper and lower halves are linked solely by the narrow spine and its adjoining muscles & fascia. This area gets both overworked and under used. The muscles become board-like and lose their flexibility, just like a new supple garden hose that eventually becomes brittle and easily cracked from oxidation.

When I treat the back, I address the muscles and the electrical conduits that run its entire length. So I start with a vibrating massage tool to relax the body from head to toe to “wake it up” and get all the cells vibrating. The patient LOVES this part and can sink into a relaxed state of “letting go.” The infra-red heat lamp gives luxuriant heat to the area and helps break up inflammation. Painless, fine needles are inserted so quickly that, in most cases, the brain does not have time to register any sensation at all. The heat from  a moxa stick or the lamp penetrates the tissue and is also conducted down the shaft of the needle to reach the core of the tight muscle or the pinched nerve. It can flow into the joints, deep into the thickest part of the buttock, addressing the sciatic nerve and any inflammatory arthritis in the hip joint. The heat and the electric effect of the needle cause the muscle fibers to relax around the nerve, discharge the built-up charge, and turn off the pain nerves. The increased circulation brings in nutrients and carries away toxins.After forty years of getting better and better at this, I feel bad for so many who still bear it in silence, allowing the condition to worsen while suffering from the accumulating side effects of pain meds.  One patient was on 10 Vicodin a day after 2 surgeries. He was screaming as he maneuvered his walker into my waiting room. After 2 treatments he was almost pain free. I love those stories…! Please comment here on the blog and share Your views or stories!! I would love to hear…

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