How can we re-ignite our pleasure centers in the brain, without resorting to stimulants that later leave us lower (more hung over) than before? Isn’t happiness our birthright?

Our body’s energy system is like the engine of a car. How old was I before I realized that a car really has no heater? When we ”turn on the heater”, we are really just opening the vents from the hot engine. Likewise, certain techniques can open up our internal vents. We have enough energy in one single atom such that, if it were split, we would have an atom bomb. But instead, most of this burning energy is blocked off and unavailable to us. Why?? Because most of it goes into our emotional soap opera that is playing constantly. I am the heroine of my novel– “the story of my life” with all the chapters that provide the excuses for what I am today. This psychic-soap is lodged in the solar plexus, blocking all the meridians and general flow – a pressure cooker that is a burden instead of a transformer. It cuts the body in half so the top is too hot (headaches, heartburn, etc,) and the bottom is too cold (cold feet, frigidity, impotence, low back pain).

The solar plexus – with all its butterflies in the stomach – is the center of our emotional trauma time capsule that we revere and revisit constantly, especially as women. We are trained to be a long-suffering Jewish mother or Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows. After a few decades of this, we can really be armored and shut down. Once we recognize that this has co-opted our energy flow, there are techniques to cash in our emotional chips and reap the earnings from all those years of pain. We can channel that negative energy until it is neutralized and becomes positive POWER, turning PAIN into PLEASURE. Just watch the channels open and our responsiveness start to blossom!

I will elaborate on this in future articles but for now start to play with your breath. Our language tells us that respiration means re-spiriting – filling our cells with spirit. For, although we seem to be material—muscles and bones, actually we are mostly pure energy. Our atoms are airy, bubbly balloons made up of 98% empty space, filled with the very same bio-electric energy that blasts us from the sun and bathes the whole universe. That means that physically we are really a luminous egg or field of energy. By paying attention to our breath, we can replace our worry thoughts (that waste our precious adrenalin) with positive thoughts which produce the happy chemicals serotonin and dopamine.

Experiment to see how quickly you can change your state while paying attention to your breath. From this and a larger customized program of exercise and other features, the resulting sensual sensations and sustainability are a natural outflow – the body in its natural state. These are the beginning steps to regaining the body’s birthright: Feeling naturally GOOD! And the first step toward greater overall health of mind, body, and also sexual satisfaction.

Although we can only graze the topic in a few paragraphs, I hope this gives food for thought and for action.