CALM ZZZ: to counteract anxiety, insomnia, and poor sleep  $25.  100 caps

SHINE: for depression & anxiety  $25.  [Not to be used in combination with anti-depressant drugs.  Instead, use CALM for daytime nerves; helps headache, muscle cramps, clears the liver, and reduces irritability. $25.]  100 caps

ADRENOPLEX: Strengthens adrenal glands for ”burn out,” fatigue, and low energy  $30.  100 capsules

Double STRESS RELIEF CDs  for Vets or for Civilians. $15.  2 CDs per box

$95.00 when priced individually for 3 formulas and one box of double CDs.              The Stress Relief package discount price is  $85.00  plus tax & $10. for Shipping & Handling.