Anti-Viral for Flu & Herpes

With so many flu cases around, I am not surprised by the many email responses to my blog about this anti-viral product Humic Fulvic Complex. So I decided to continue the discussion and address some of the inquiries in two more blogs.

In my practice, when patients come to me for treatment of colds and flu, they often feel better immediately from the Acupuncture treatment of the throat, lungs, achey joints, and the clearing of internal wirings for fast detoxification. Then I send them home with ViRxal and they recover fast.

Many young and older readers have written wanting to know just how it deals with Herpes. I have seen immediate dramatic results in several patients as well as slow, long term effects in others. But What IS the process?? We all carry viruses from a variety of sources and some viruses actually perform necessary actions in the body. The challenge is for our immune system to keep our viral load low so viruses have no bad effects on us and we are unaware of their presence. Humic Fulvic is the most natural, non-invasive way to keep viruses in check because it uses Nature’s own system of bacterial breakdown—humification. Just as diamonds come from compressed carbon, so this is the process of producing powerful healing acids from matter compressed for hundreds of thousands of years, from molecules formed when our planet was pristine.

Latent viruses’ ability to hide for extended periods of time makes these viruses especially hard to eliminate from the body. Herpes and other latent viruses such as shingles and HIV can lie dormant inside of cells for years. But it is usually when the body is stressed or the immune system compromised that they begin replicating and breaking out of the cell.  When viruses exit a cell, the Humic acid in Humic Fulvic Complex will attach to the virus’s receptors and will stop the “viral infusion process,” preventing it from entering another healthy cell where it would seek to replicate into still more viruses. When Humic acid attaches to a virus, the virus will die of old age in less than 80 hours and will be eliminated from the body by the normal pathways. Thus over time, Humic Fulvic lessens the severity and frequency of the outbreaks, and reduces the pain and other noxious effects of these latent viruses. In many cases, over time Humic Fulvic virtually stops the outbreaks altogether.

If one knows that one has the Herpes virus, then it only makes sense to use Humic Fulvic as a daily preventive regime. Herpes can cause many more internal problems than just uncomfortable surface blisters and can be contagious even when no outbreaks occur. Remembering that this daily intake will also protect against cold, flu, and possible painful shingles from the remnants of the chicken pox virus of our childhood makes it a welcomed discovery!