Humic Fulvic Complex

Humic Fulvic Acid never ceases to impress me. I have prescribed it to my patients for the last ten years, and I use it daily as a preventive measure. The idea of ingesting pure ancient trace minerals that are a million years old and are mined from a hundred feet down– is fascinating to say the least. How best to explain the effectiveness of these pristine minerals from an era when our planet was much less polluted. The planet feeds us! Humic acid is attracted to the protein on the receptor sites of viruses and stops the viral replication process. Fulvic acid is a powerful electrolyte and it carries quinones and other nutrients into the cell to support the mitochondria.

There are different brands out there although Humic Fulvic acid remains generally unknown to both doctors and the general public. I trust this brand most because I have researched its sourcing and can verify its high quality. One cap morning and evening is a good ongoing support for strong bones and a good immune system. If a cold, flu, or virus of ANY sort is lurking, you can increase to 4-8 daily with no downside except some good detoxing. In that case, drink extra water to help eliminate toxins. If you choose to order some, contact me at [email protected]. My website is

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