Veterans’ Stress Relief Mp3s

Cellular Meditation Pioneer

Dr. Kathleen is a pioneer in healing programs for Veterans and their families suffering from physical and emotional pain. She will include in the SoCal baskets copies of her PRACTICAL STRESS RELIEF CELLULAR MEDITATION CDs & Mp3s (Vol. 1 & 2) to benefit Veterans’ families and friends who suffer loss and who also feel the indirect trauma of war. In guided relaxation meditations, Dr. Kathleen leads them to gently stimulate the release of endorphins and dopamine—our body’s natural ‘feel good’ chemicals—and spread them into receptor sites in EVERY CELL OF THE BODY. The easy self-help exercises and practical tools provide a self-healing empowerment for PTSD, depression, loss, and grief, or to rise from ‘Okay’ to higher states of wellbeing. STRESS RELIEF recordings are available for free listening on her website

Dr. Kathleen: “Thousands of young soldiers are suffering fatal heart attacks from too many meds–for pain and mental suffering. We have to provide another answer.”

Renowned singer/songwriter Graham Nash has contributed generously to Dr. Kathleen’s project of Acupuncture Therapy and her VETERANS STRESS RELIEF CDs for all Veterans. It complements their on-going therapies and helps them recover from PTSD and restore well-being and good sleep.. She has lectured twice at the Combat Stress Conference about the science behind her work, so many Vets groups request them. Share this Mp3 with a soldier who would benefit from this!

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